Mr. Mohamed Ali Alhakim of Iraq – Executive Secretary of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia

For the position of Executive Secretary of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), the Secretary-General has selected Mohamed Ali Alhakim of Iraq, who since 2013 is the Permanent Representative and Ambassador of Iraq to the United Nations.

Mr. Alhakim brings to the position deep knowledge of the governmental landscape in the region, coupled with strong networks across the region. He was previously, Permanent Representative and Ambassador of Iraq to the United Nations, Geneva (2010-2013), Ambassador and Director of Arab, European, International Organisations and Policy Planning, Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Baghdad, Iraq (2006-2010), Iraq Minister of Communications (2004-2005), Member of Iraq National Assembly and Foreign Relations Sub-Committee (2005-2006) and Senior Social and Economic Adviser to the Vice President of Iraq (2004-2010).

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  1. Dr. Hashim Al-Ali says:

    First, let me congratulate you (Dr. Mohamed Al-Hakim) for this right selection by the UNSG for you to lead the ESCWA. It is indeed the right selection of the right qualified individual to a right position. I know Dr. Al-Hakim for the period 2003-2004, where he was en-charge, amongst other things, of the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation of Iraq and I was the Advisor to the same Ministry, Statistics, Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Iraq. Dr. Al-Hakim was pivotal in letting things done functionally, the right and useful way for the Iraqi economy and in an efficient and effective manner.
    I have no doubt, that he will restructure, build and operate the Organization, as well as steering its activities into the right, functional and productive path, and hence, to create an effective organization, which would be capable in pursuing the right approach for socio-economic development and growth of the member countries. Besides, and given my short professional contact and working relationship with Dr. Al-Hakim, at that time, he will, undoubtedly, enhance ESCWA’s work and activities through substantiating its professional staff with the right quality. Thus, select the right professionals to work at different divisions and handling different tasks; based on qualification, experience, work ethics and past achievements, away from favoritism and nationality belonging!
    That said, I wish Dr. Al-Hakim all the success in his new and important position,

    Best regards,


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