Iraqi minister of water resource meets the Swedish minister of foreign affairs

On 10/7/2018, Dr. Hassan Al-Janabi  the Minister of Water Resources of the Republic of Iraq met with Ms. Margot Wallström the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, during his visit to New York city to participate in the open debate session at the Security Council on Climate Change and its impact on security that was held upon a call from Sweden as the chair of the Security Council for this month.

At the outset, Ms. Wallström thanked the minister to meet this invitation to participate in the open debate and pointed out the necessity for laying down approaches and comprehensive solutions to limit the impacts of the climate change. Furthermore, she expressed the will of Her government to highlight the suffer of the middle east particularly Iraq from this phenomenon.

On the other hand, H. E. the Iraqi Minister pointed out that Iraq; is a clear example on the extent to which phenomenon affects its peace and security, explaining the challenges that Iraq is facing due to draught, rivers water receding and the destruction in water and civil facilities because of terrorism, which was another factor of destabilization, as well as economic and social fragility that led to extremism. He also pointed out to the suffer of the marshes residents because of water receding.

At the end, the Minister thanked the Government of Sweden for the support to Iraq to limit the dangers of climate changes.