Iraqi Delegation participates in session 63rd of CSW

H.E. Ms. Thekra Alooash, Mayor of Baghdad and Chairwoman of the high committee for the advancement of the status of Iraqi women, headed the Iraq delegation participating in the 63rd session of the committee on the Status of Women held on 11-22/3/2019 at the United Nations Headquarter in New York. 
The meetings, held during the session, highlighted the important achievements made by Iraqi women during the last decade, despite the great challenges they faced, in particular terrorist organizations, through their active participation in the enactment of laws that contribute to the empowerment of Iraqi women and their high-level positions Influence in decision-making, she also contributed to the adoption and endorsement  of national strategies and plans, such as the national strategy to combat violence against women in 2013. Furthermore the empowerment of Iraqi women at the judicial level, with 113 women judges in 2017, up from 18 judges until 2003, and we have 87 judges and prosecutors in the Kurdistan Region.