Iraq to address UN Security Council session of Security and climate

Deputy Permanent Representative Mr. Mohammed Sahab Marzouk delivered the speech of Iraq at the open dialogue session of the Security Council held in New York on 25/1/2019 on the discussion of the impact of climate-related disasters on international peace and security, Where he noted that the large river basins, in the Middle East in particular, are under great pressure and stress due to two factors; first: Competition for uses and control of shared water resources

In the absence of effective bilateral or multilateral agreements or regional frameworks for the equitable and reasonable use of shared water or arising out of indifference to the application of the principles of international law and its well-known terms of reference, guaranteeing the rights of all States Rations. Second: the results of the climate change.

If it is necessary to give an example; the deterioration of the environment of the Iraqi delta at the mouth of the Gulf, and the famous waterway known as “Shatt al-Arab” The historical location of the legend of Sinbad and the Garden of Eden in sacred books and religions, is a stark example of the forced transformation of a freshwater ecosystem rich in biodiversity and rich in fertile soil, with dense forests of palm trees, into a saltwater environment as a result of the decline in freshwater intake from its tributaries.

We cannot ignore the reference to the destruction caused by terrorism in civilian facilities, water facilities in particular, noting that terrorism is a global phenomenon, not a domestic phenomenon.

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