Iraq participates in the United Nations General Assembly session on the item “Strengthening the United Nations System”

The delegation of Iraq participated in the session of the United Nations General Assembly on the item “Strengthening the United Nations System”, where the Permanent Representative of Iraq, Ambassador Mohammad Hussein Bahir Al-Uloom, presented the country’s national speech in which he called for:

  • Redoubling the work and concerted efforts to support international efforts aimed at the total and complete elimination of nuclear weapons, in order to reach the ultimate goal of achieving a world free of weapons of mass destruction.
  • Commitment to the agreed international rules, especially that the international scene is witnessing critical turning points and increasing international and regional security tensions, as well as the devastating and lethal effects of the use of these dangerous weapons on humans and the environment alike.

Iraq also emphasized:

  • The urgent need to work seriously to expedite the entry into force of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty
  • urged North Korea to abide by all relevant Security Council resolutions, and to refrain from taking further escalatory steps that would increase tension on the Korean Peninsula and the world
  • The need to continue diplomatic efforts in order to reach solutions that contribute to strengthening and supporting peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula

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