Iraq participates in the Security Council session to discuss the “humanitarian effects of sanctions”

Iraq participated in the Security Council session chaired by Russia to discuss the “humanitarian effects of sanctions” to present its vision through a speech presented by the Deputy Permanent Representative, Mr. Sarhad Fattah, which included the following elements:

  • Avoiding the negative effects of sanctions regimes that may negatively affect the vulnerable groups in society, especially in the service, health and educational sectors.
  • Sanctions should be a means to maintain international peace and security and not an end in itself.
  • Sanctions should be targeted, intelligent, and able to avoid harm to societies, which may lead to violent extremism, the militarization of society, or the growth of organized crime.
  • sanctions systems should not deviate from the principles of joint action and the Charter of the United Nations
  • The importance of evaluating the lessons learned and working to lay the foundations that address the challenges of field work, and lead to providing the best ways within the framework of humanitarian exemptions, with the importance of taking into account exceptions during challenges and natural, environmental and health disasters when implementing sanctions
  • Iraq calls on the Security Council to continue to impose and implement sanctions against the terrorist entities of ISIS and Al-Qaeda and their associated individuals and entities, and to work to expand the sanctions measures to ensure the prevention of terrorist financing and the cross-border movement of foreign terrorist fighters

The Deputy Permanent Representative thanked the Security Council for its support for Iraq in the file of frozen Iraqi funds

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