Iraq participates in the Security Council briefing session on the third report of the Secretary-General submitted by the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) for the year 2022

Permanent Representative, Ambassador Mohammed Hussein Bahr Al-Uloom, delivers the country’s speech on developments in Iraq, including:

  • The course of the political process and the movement in various societal activities to form a government that represents the aspirations of the people and seeks to meet their aspirations.
  • Recalling the Iraqi youth movement in October 2019 on its third anniversary and praying for mercy for its martyrs and a speedy and full recovery for its wounds
  • On security, Iraq thanked the members of the Security Council for their continuous support for counter-terrorism efforts and capacity-building, while Iraq is committed to cooperating with the international coalition to eliminate ISIS to sustain efforts.
  • Emphasizing the importance of dealing with the file of terrorist fighters and their families who are in the camps in Syria, as well as Iraq’s efforts to recover its detained citizens and their families and to initiate rehabilitation, while calling on all countries to restore their citizens before the situation escalates.
  • Condemning the Turkish and Iranian attacks on the Iraqi lands and airspace under false pretexts. These heinous crimes caused the martyrdom of civilians and great material and psychological damage to the population, stressing the need for the two countries to respect international conventions, good neighborliness, and Iraqi sovereignty.
  • Iraq calls on the Security Council to continue its unified position on the Iraqi file and to emphasize the sovereignty of Iraq and its territory by condemning any external aggression on Iraqi lands and sovereignty from any party and preventing its transformation into an arena of conflicts and the export of problems
  • Iraq’s aspiration for continued United Nations support in the reconstruction of the liberated areas affected by the occupation of terrorist gangs of ISIS, as well as United Nations aid to respond to the necessary emergency humanitarian needs to enhance Iraqi capabilities, and to support the comprehensive Iraqi government program for

reconstruction in the liberated areas, and efforts to rebuild the destroyed infrastructure.

  • Iraq’s affirmation of its commitment to implementing its obligations towards its citizens and maintaining their security, safety and rights, especially in the field of empowering women through political or economic participation, as well as compensating Yazidi victims of terrorism in accordance with the Survivors Law. The Iraqi Human Rights Commission is also following up its unremitting efforts in strengthening procedures and building capacities in various sectors.
  • • On the Iraq and Kuwait file, Iraq is still working continuously with the State of Kuwait in all common files, especially the file of missing persons and property.
  • Iraq thanks H.E. the Secretary-General of the United Nations for his firm position in supporting Iraq by emphasizing respect for its sovereignty and territorial integrity and appreciating the international community’s continued support for Iraq in its path to achieve prosperity and stability for the Iraqi people.
  • The Government of the Republic of Iraq appreciated the efforts of the team of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) and its head, and their support provided to Iraq in various fields, especially the humanitarian and development levels, during the period covered by the Secretary-General’s report.

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