Humanitarian Call

Humanitarian Call

The Iraqi Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense call upon all Iraqi citizens or anyone who can provide information to the following bodies: 1) the headquarters of the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Baghdad; 2) the Iraqi embassies and consulates accredited abroad; and 3) the International Committee of the Red Cross in Baghdad. The information relates to the default burial sites for Iraqis’ remains or Kuwaitis missing during the second Gulf war. Also, any data pertains to the location of properties represented by records and the Kuwaiti Amiri archive. In accordance with the humanitarian requirements and an expression of Iraq’s keenness to make the utmost cooperation based on the foundations of brotherhood and good faith. This corresponds to Iraq’s international commitment in this regard.

(009647901945476Iraqi Ministries of Defence: (

– The International Committee of the Red Cross in Baghdad ICRC:

009647730157444 –  009647901930784 -009647502120245

– Permanent Mission of the Republic of Iraq to the United Nations – New York:

Tel: +1 (212)737-4433 – Fax: +1 (212) 772-1794