His Excellency the President of the Republic of Iraq, Dr. Barham Salih, delivered a statement at the 31st Special Session of the General Assembly in response to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic.

The President of the Republic, during his speech at the 31st special session of the United Nations General Assembly, emphasized the importance of communication and action, in this exceptional circumstance for the international community, to confront the COVID-19 pandemic as one family united and cooperating.

H.E. added “This meeting takes place at a time when the world, people and governments, is following the news and information of companies, laboratories, institutions and scientists, Which indicates the near availability of more than one vaccine for the epidemic. Where it must be emphasized the importance of ensuring fairness in distribution and limiting the detriments of commercial objectives of production and marketing, as well as avoiding the effects of politics and the differences resulting from it.

Iraq is one of the countries whose governments will guarantee the purchase of the vaccine and distribute it free of charge to their citizens. This happens in an extremely complex financial and economic circumstance.

Iraq, for more than seventeen years, has been fighting a costly war on terrorism, due to that and the war policies of the former dictatorial regime,  All institutions and infrastructure, including health institutions, hospitals and their services have been damaged. Iraq believes in the importance of understanding these circumstances and helping it to be part of the world’s success in eliminating the threat of the epidemic.

Iraq, with its limited capabilities, has succeeded to some extent in reducing the effects of the epidemic on society, through the sacrifices of doctors and health personnel and the development of health awareness, along with the supportive efforts of international institutions and some friendly countries.

To ensure a better future for next generations, the international community must reach rational and resolute policies that help preserve the environment, as well as measures to help controlling technological and industrial progress in order to sustain life and keep it clean from pollutants.

Preserving the life of the planet is a shared human responsibility, and it should not be tolerated”.

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