Foreign Minister discusses with his Iranian counterpart the bilateral relations between Baghdad and Tehran, and the developments in the region

Foreign Minister, Fouad Hussein, discussed with his Iranian counterpart, Mr. Hussein Amir Abdollahian, the bilateral relations between Baghdad and Tehran, ways of consolidating them, and developments in the situation throughout the region and the world.

The Minister stressed the importance of the continuation of the specialized technical committees to activate the memoranda of understanding between the two countries, pointing to the need for concerted diplomatic efforts to solve problems, calling for benefiting from the holding of conferences to bring the views closer and adopt dialogue; To restore security and stability to the region.

In another axis, the two sides discussed the reality of bilateral relations between Tehran and Riyadh and their improvement in certain areas. The two sides stressed the need to continue the discussions that began in Baghdad, and they also touched upon the ongoing 5+1 negotiations in Vienna.

For his part, the Iranian Foreign Minister extended his thanks and appreciation to the government and people of Iraq for the warm hospitality and decent reception of the pilgrims of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him), and expressed his great appreciation to Iraq for its efforts and constructive role in launching and following up regional dialogues in the context of promoting stability, security and development in the region, declaring Iran’s readiness To continue exchanging ideas on bilateral and regional files of common interest.

At the end of the meeting, the Iranian minister shed light on the demonstrations and current events in various Iranian cities and clarified the Iranian government’s viewpoint on them.

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