Foreign Minister delivers the speech of Iraq at the Second Ministerial Meeting of the Friends of Victims of Terrorism

His Excellency the Foreign Minister delivered the speech of Iraq at the second ministerial meeting of the Group of Friends of Victims of Terrorism, which was held virtually on Monday morning, September 28, 2020 on the sidelines of the high-level week of the seventy-fifth session of the United Nations General Assembly, Stressing Iraq’s commitment to the principles and values of this group, and expressing Iraq’s readiness to move forward in joint cooperation projects at the international level to raise the voices of the victims and to empower them for a better future.

His Excellency also stressed that Iraq is one of the countries that suffered the most from terrorism, especially with the large wave of displacement that occurred because of the ISIS crisis in 2014.

His Excellency called on the international community and the countries of the region to make greater efforts to cooperate in the field of combating terrorism and to support its victims. He also stressed that these efforts should work to empower the victims of terrorism for a better future.


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