Deputy Minister of Foreign affairs delivered speech in an event of CSW

Ambassador Hala Shaker Mustafa, Undersecretary for Political Planning Affairs, participated in the event organized by the Qatari mission in cooperation with the Canadian and Pakistani missions, the United Nations Office for Combating Terrorism and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, on the sidelines of the meetings of the Commission on the Status of Women, In the presence of Mr. Yousef Mohammed Al Osman, Minister of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs of Qatar, and Ms. Aisha Abu Bakr, Minister of Women's Affairs and Social Development of Nigeria. H.E. the Deputy Minister "referred to the vicious attack on Iraq by terrorist organizations and the measures taken by the Iraqi government to confront its painful repercussions. The most important of these was the signing of a joint statement by the Iraqi Government and the United Nations on 23/9/2016 to rehabilitate victims of sexual violence from women who had been raped by terrorist groups and re-integrate them into society", in a speech delivered during the event.