Ambassador Alhakim meets the UNDPA Jeffrey Feltman

Ambassador Alhakim and UNDPA Jeffrey Feltman met to exchange views on the current issues and such as the fight against Daesh and the progress of the Iraqi army, mobilization forces, tribal engagement and Pashmarga forces who are fighting daily to defeat Daesh and liberate iraq.

Also they discussed assistance to the iraqi people during the rainy season as well as the Syrian question and the Vienna Conference.

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  1. Chauncey C Chen says:

    Dear Sir or Madam: 09/10/2016

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    After nearly 70 years, unfortunately, war crisis remains threatening. After 15 years’ research, I found out it is because the implementation of the UNUDHR should be carried out on a democratic basis of all member states. The fact is that people theoretically have Freedom of Speech, but practically they do not have rights and opportunity to be heard and equally evaluated. So I published a little book titled DEMOCRATIC GENETIC ENGINEERING to address this problem. A Swedish University makes it a free downloading book because they think it is one of the best books of human civilization and must be free. I protested in vain.

    I earnestly hope you help promote this book to start an international discussion in the United Nations. I believe brotherly constructive, creative cooperative discussion will open a new way to resolve the current human tragedy and build a better new world.

    Thank you for attention and help.


    Chauncey Chen
    212 243-4324
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