Ministry Strategy

The New Iraq
•The new Iraq inherited a heavy legacy of hostility and distrust as a result of the irresponsible policies of the former regime towards the neighboring and far countries which led to a decline in the country’s position in the international community. 
•The Foreign Ministry in the new Iraq faced these challenges and still, to address that legacy in a bid to retrieve ‘s position that befits rich civilization heritage and its people and its riches. 
•As representatives of the new Iraq, we have actively and successfully worked on removing the isolation condition to achieve the goals of our foreign policy in a responsible vision in accordance with the following: 

1-To protect Iraq’s security and promote stability and preserve the unity and harmony of society. 
2-To move forward in the expansion of bilateral diplomatic relations area with the world countries and bring the international community to contribute in the reconstruction of Iraq and its infrastructure and development. 
3-Contribute to building the economy in a thoughtful way that ensures raising the standard of the Iraqi people’s living. 
4-Promoting the activity of the Iraqi diplomatic missions and enhances Iraq’s interests in political, economic, social and cultural spheres. 
5-Continue the support of Iraq’s role in multilateral bodies towards a more active work, and strive to expand Iraq’s international participation by joining more of those bodies, particularly the economic ones. 
6-Continue upgrading the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the level of performance, guided by the constitutional basis and legal controls designed to achieve Iraq’s vision in a way that matches its prestigious stature as a civilization and people. 
7-Strengthen the foundations of democracy within the framework of sovereignty, unity and equality among citizens. 
•Iraq confirms its peaceful foreign policy aiming at normalization of diplomatic relations with the international community on the basis of cooperation and respect for mutual interests and sponsoring them in accordance with the international law and stand at the same distance from all international parties in an equitable manner.