Ambassador meets the Russian Deputy Minister of Transport

On March 3, 2020, Ambassador Dr. Abdulrahman Hamid Al-Hussaini met Mr. Alexander Yurchik, Russian Deputy Minister of Transport, with presence of a number of Russian officials in land, air and marine transport, to discuss the bilateral cooperation in the field of transport.

The two parties discussed the future steps to sign the Agreement on land transport between the two countries. The Russian side valued the approval of the Iraqi Prime Minister on the draft agreement, stressing on the geographical location of Iraq which makes it a global corridor for transportation.

The two parties also discussed the cooperation in the field of air transport. It was proposed to open direct lines between the two countries, especially for the Russian air transport companies in addition to the “Iraqi Airways” company. The Russian Deputy Minister of Transport expressed the Russian Federation support for Iraq in lifting the ban from the “Iraqi Airways” company in Europe, and the readiness to train Iraqi cadres at the Russian Transport Academy in addition to accepting Iraqi students who want to study in the Academy.

As for the cooperation in the marine transport field the Russian side expressed the desire of Russian companies to invest in “Al-Faw Grand Port” as well as to participate in investment opportunities in various areas of transport in Iraqi cities, especially in the field of railways and airport construction.

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