Iraqi embassy participates in the annual memorial ceremony for the crimes committed against the Yezidi people

Minister Plenipotentiary, Mrs. Pauline Gorgess Toma, participated in the annual memorial ceremony organized by the Yezidi Council in Russia on the fifth anniversary of the crimes committed by ISIL against the Yezidi people in the city of Sinjar in August 2014. The ceremony started with minute of silence in honor of the people who were killed during the ISIS terrorist attack on Sinjar district.

At the beginning of the memorial ceremony the President of the Yezidi Council, Mr. Samvel Kojoi, delivered a speech in which he talked about the tragedy and crimes suffered by the Yezidi people during the ISIL control of their areas which is equate to the crime of genocide. The ISIL terrorists kidnapped and murdered the unarmed citizens; mostly women and children, destroyed Yezidi villages and religious sites, as well as the tragic conditions of the Yazidi people as a result of the forced displacement that they suffered after the terrorist organization took control of their areas.

Minister Plenipotentiary, Mrs. Pauline Gorgess Toma, delivered a speech on behalf of the embassy expressing the solidarity of the Iraqi Government and the embassy of the Republic of Iraq to the Russian Federation, represented by Ambassador Haidar Mansour Hadi, with the Yezidi people against the crimes that they suffered from. The embassy is and always will be ready to provide assistance to the Yezidi people to reduce their suffering.

At the end, the organizers of this memorial ceremony appreciated the role of the Ambassador and his continuous communication with the Yezidi Council through his continuous meetings with the President and members of the Council, listening to their situation and to the ideas they suggest depending on his responsibility in taking care of all Iraqi people.

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