Announcement to the Iraqi community residing in Scotland,

The Consulate General of the Republic of Iraq in Manchester would like to inform the Iraqi community in Scotland that a consular delegation will visit Glasgow to conduct consular procedures on Saturday and Sunday 11-02/12/2023.
We would like to note the need to follow up the announcement on the mission’s website and Facebook page to ensure the date of the visit in the event of any change for any reason.
We recommend the members of the community to bring all the documents required to conduct transactions, which you can find on our website / consular services section,
You can call the mission’s phone to inquire about any information before the consular delegation arrives.

Tel: 161 228 0880

Address: Double Tree Hilton Glasgow Central

Cambridge Street, Glasgow,

G2 3HN, Scotland

11/02/2023 من 09:30 صباحاً ولغاية  16:00 مساءاً

12/02/2023 من 09:30 صباحاً ولغاية  1:00 مساءاً