Iraqi Embassy in Lisbon receives the delegation of Maysan Governorate

The Chargé d’affaires a.i. of the Minister Plenipotentiary Haori Talabani and the staff of the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Lisbon received on Sunday, 23-10-2022 the delegation of Maysan Governorate headed by Governor Ali Dawai, who is visiting the Portuguese Republic for the period 20-26-10 to sign the memorandum of understanding related to the twinning program between the Governorate of Maysan and the Portuguese Governorate of Anadia.
The Chargé d’affaires appreciated this initiative, which came after tireless efforts and numerous contacts between the Iraqi and Portuguese sides and wished the delegation success in its mission and the completion of the signing of the memorandum of understanding, which will reflect positively on the good Iraqi-Portuguese relations.