Iraqi Ambassadors

Mr. Lukman Faily : Head Of America Department in the Ministry

Employment :

  • Official spokesman for the President of the Republic of Iraq Dr Barham Salih Nov 2018 – Present
  • Communication, Business and Strategic planning consultant, Jan 2017 – Oct 2018
  • Iraqi Ambassador to the United States, 2013 –2016
  • Iraqi Ambassador to Japan, 2010 –2013
  • Ambassador in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Iraq, 2009 – 2010
  • IT Programme Manager, EDS Ltd. (later Hewlett-Packard), UK, 2006 – 2009


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Technology Management,
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Computing for Commerce and Industry
  • BSc Computing Science and Mathematics

Ambassador Faily has been a high-profile spokesperson for his government and Iraqi affairs, engaging with various government officials, academia and think tank communities. Regular appearances on English and Arabic TV and radio news and particularly active on social media, regularly writes political articles to a wide of Iraqi and international publications. Frequently speaks at public events in Iraq, Washington and across the United States, United Kingdom and elsewhere.

Ambassador Faily lived in Iraq and the United Kingdom and served as a trustee of several Iraqi NGOs and a strong advocated for democracy, dialogue, development and rule of law in Iraq.

Fluent in English, Arabic and Kurdish, Ambassador Faily was born in Baghdad in 1966. He is married and is the father of four boys and a girl. An avid runner, Ambassador Faily participated in a number of marathons including Tokyo in 2012 and 2013, and in the Boston and New York Marathons in 2014.

Abdulkareem Tumma Mahdi Kaab — Iraq’s Ambassador to Tokyo – Japan

Name: Ambassador Abdul Kareem Tuama Mehdi Kaab.

Occupation:  Iraq’s Ambassador in Ministry Headquarters

Place and Date of Birth: Baghdad – Iraq/ 5-October-1959.

Marital Status: Married with four children.
Name: Ambassador Abdul Kareem Tuma Mehdi Kaab.

Occupation:  Iraq’s Ambassador to Ottawa – Canada.

Place and Date of Birth: Baghdad – Iraq/ 5-October-1959.

Marital Status: Married with four children.

Languages: Arabic-English-German.

Qualification Attainment:

M.Sc. Civil Engineering London South Bank University (2009).
B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, College of Engineering-Baghdad University (1983).
Positions Held:

 Iraq’s ambassador to the Republic of Finland.
2009: Ambassador – Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Republic of Iraq.
2007-2009: Civil Engineering (River Engineering) – Halcrow Group Limited – London/United Kingdom.
2005-2006: Civil Engineering (Building Engineering) – ZBN-Nottuln /Germany.
1994-1996: Civil Engineering (Reinforced Concrete Structures) -the great man-made river/Libya.
06/1994-11/1994: Civil Engineering (Building construction) -Ali AL- karaki Company/AL- Karak /Jordan.
1991-1994: Civil Engineering (Structural Design of Building) -the National Centre for Engineering Consultancy – Ministry of housing-Baghdad/Iraq.
1991-1989: Civil Engineering (Building Construction and Structural Design)-Private sector-Baghdad/Iraq.
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Abdulrahman Hamid Mouhammad Al-Husseini —> Iraq’s Ambassador to Moscow- Russian Federation  

Name: Dr. Abdulrahman Hamid Mouhammed Al-Hussaini.

Occupation: Iraq’s ambassador to France – Paris.

Place and Date of Birth: Ninewah- Iraq/  22-11-1958.

Martial Status: Married.

Languages: English.

Qualification Attainment:
• 1998: Ph.D in computer Science, College of Science- Al-Nahrain University, Iraq.
• 1985: M.Sc. in computer Science, Informatics institute for Postgraduate studies-Iraq/ICCI.
• 1980: B.Sc in Statistics, college of Administration and Economics- University of Baghdad.

Positions Held:
• 2009-Current: Ambassador-Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Baghdad-Republic of Iraq.
• 2005-2009: University Professor-College of Information Technology-University of Bahrain-Kingdom of Bahrain.
• 2003-2005: Director General of Supervision and Scientific Office-Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
• 1985-2003: University Professor, College of Administration and Economics-University of Baghdad.
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Adel Mustafa Kamil —Iraq Ambassador in Kingdom of Spain

Name: Adel Mustafa Kamil.

Occupation: Ambassador/ Dean of Foreign Service Institute 

Place and Date of Birth: Baghdad -Iraq/ 25-9-1968.

Marital status: Married with two children.

Languages: Arabic- English.

Qualification Attainment:

2007:  PhD. AL-Nahrain University- Collage of Science.
1997:  M.Sc AL-Nahrain University – Collage of Science.
1990:  B.Sc. Baghdad University- Collage of education.
Positions Held:

Researcher/ Petroleum research center.
Senior/ Petroleum research center.
University lecturer/ Al-Nahrain University collage of science.
Coordinator of Universities affairs/  office of deputy minister of higher education.
Ambassador/ Ministry of foreign affairs.

Ahmed Nayif Rashid — Iraq’s Ambassador to Cairo – Egypt

Name: Ahmed Nayif  Rasheed
Occupation: Ambassador/  Iraq’s Ambassador to Cairo.
Place and Date of Birth: Anbar-Iraq/ 10- 2 -1965.

Marital Status: Married with six children.

Qualification Attainment: Doctor of Philosophy, nine research in political sociology.

Positions Held:

2001-2009: Professor at Baghdad University Faculty of Arts.

2009- Current: Ambassador at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Ahmed Tahsseen Ahmed Brwarri —> Iraqi’s  Ambssador to Beijing

Name: Ahmad Tahseen Ahmed Berwari.
Occupation: Foreign Ministry Undersecrtary
Place and Date of Birth: Baghdad- 14th of August 1964.
Marital status: Married.
Languages: English- Persian- and Kurdish.
Qualification Attainment:

1996: Master of Arts (MA) in Philosophy and Political Science at Friedrieh Alexander University in Erlangen/ Nierenberg-Germany
Positions Held:
2009-Current: Ambassador Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Baghdad. 
2001-2009: Chief Representative of the PUK to Germany.
2001-2006: Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to Germany.
1999-2000: Deputy Representative of the PUK and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to the USA.

Ali Yassin Muhammad Kareem

Name: Dr. Ali Yassin Mohammed Karim.

Occupation: Iraq’s Ambassador to Islamabad – Pakistan.

Place and Date of Birth: Baghdad –Iraq/ 22 -6 -1962.

Marital status: Married.

Languages: English – Kurdish – Farsi – Dari.

Qualification Attainment: Physitian Radiologist.

Positions Held: Physitian at Erbil Province.

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Arshad Omar Ismael — Iraq’s Ambassador to ٍPretoria 

Name: Arshad Omar Ismaeel.

Occupation: Head of Communication & IT Department

Place and Date of Birth: Kirkuk – Iraq/ 1956.

Marital status: Married.

Languages: English – Turkish – Kurdish.

Qualification Attainment: BCI. Petroleum of mining Engineering.

Positions Held:
• Iraq’s Ambassador to Brazil – Brasilia.
• Ambassador of Iraq to Afghanistan – Kabul.
• Head of Consular department & Consular affairs department.
• Head of Real state department.
• Head of Engineering department.
• Ambassador of Iraq to Azerbaijan.


Bakir Ahmed Aziz Al-Jaf — Iraq’s Ambassdor to Kiev – Ukraine

Name: Bakir Ahmed Aziz Al-Jaff.

Occupation:  Iraq’s ambassador to Kiev – Ukraine.

Place and Date of Birth: Sulaymaniyah – Iraq / 2 -8-1963.

Marital Status: Married.

Languages: Arabic – English – Kurdish – Persian.

Qualification Attainment:
• B.A in English Language and Literature.
• Diploma in English Language.
• Diploma in IT.

Positions Held:
• Head of department of Human Rights at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Iraq.
• Head of African Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Iraq.

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Bakir Fatah Hussein — Iraq’s Ambassador to Vienna 

Name: Baker Fattah Hassan.

Occupation: Iraq’s ambassador to Vienna – Austria

Place and Date of Birth: Sulaymania-Iraq/ 1- 06- 1957.

Marital status: married with two daughters.

Languages: Spanish-English-Farsi-Italian.

Qualification Attainment: B.S Chemistry at Sulaymania University in 1978.

Position Held:
• Currently: Iraq’s ambassador Sweden – Stockholm.

• Since October 2009: Ambassador, Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Baghdad.

• 1999-2009: Member of National Assembly of Kurdistan – Iraq.

• 1994-1998: Chief PUK representatives in Spain.

• 1993: Leading liaison officer between PUK and ”No-fly-zone” Coalition Military forces (M.C.C).

• 1989-1992: PUK Representatives.

Bassim Hatab Al-Tuma — Iraq’s Ambassador Canberra Australia 

Name: Bassim Hattab Habash Al- Tumma.

Place and Date of Birth: Basra-Iraq / 1-03- 1961.

Marital Status: Married.

Qualification Attainment: PHD in Literature – University of Baghdad /1992.

Languages: Arabic – English.

Positions Held:
• 2003-2010: Dean of the college of literature and Arts at University of Basra.

• Head of the Economic department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

E-Mail Address:

Burhan Namik Salim Al-Jaff — Iraq’s Ambassador to Nairobi

Name: Burhan Namik Salim Al-Jaff.

Occupation: Head of Asia Department.

Date and place of Birth: Khanaqien-Iraq/1-07-1955.

Marital Status: Married and has Two Children.

Languages: English, Dutch, Persian and Kurdish as mother tongue.

Qualification Attainment: BA Hon. in politics Sociology-University of Greenwich, London-UK.

Positions Held:
• 2010-present: Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq-Athens.
• 2009: Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq-Baghdad.
• 1998-2009: Head of Mission of Kurdistan Region to the EU, Brussels.

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Falah Abdulhassan Alsaadi -Iraq’s Ambassador to Pragu.

Full Name: Dr. Falah Abdulhasan Abdulsada

Place & Date of Birth: Baghdad, 1970

Marital Status: Married

Educational qualification: Doctorate in Russian Language.

Positions held:

  1. 2004-2007 Lecture at Faculty of Languages/ University of Baghdad.
  • 2005-2009 President of Iraqi Translators Association.
  • 2005-2009 Editor in Chief of the Magazine “Al Tarjama wa al Lisaniyat”.
  • 2006-2009 Journalist in the TV channel “Russia Today”.
  • 2009-2010 Ambassador in the MOFA of R. of Iraq/ Head quarter.
  • 2010-2015 Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Serbia.
  • 2012-2015 None-residence ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.
  • 2015-2016 Head of the Political Planning Section in the Iraqi MOFA/ Head quarter
  • 2016-2017 Head of the department of Human Rights in the Iraqi MOFA/ Head quarter
  1. 2018- 2021 Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to India.
  1. 2019-2021 None-residence ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Nepal.
  2. 2021-2021 Head of the department of Human Rights in the Iraqi MOFA/ Head quarter
  3. 2021 –   Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Czech  Republic. 

Hassan Hani Al-Janabi — Iraq’s Ambassaor in Ankara

Name: Hassan Hani Al-Janabi

Haydar Mansour Hadi Al-Idharee — Iraq’s Ambassador to Amman Jordan

Name: Haydar Mansour Hadi Al-Idharee.

Occupation:  Iraq’s Ambassador to Moscow

Place and Date of Birth: Baghdad – Iraq/ 27-7-1970.

Marital Status: Married with two children.

Languages: Arabic – English.

Qualification Attainment: Bachelor’s in Business Administrative/ UK.

Positions Held:


Haydar Shaiaa Al-Barak — Iraq’s Ambassador to  

Name: Haydar Shayaa Al-Brak.

Occupation: iraq’s ambassador to south korea 

Hisham Ali Akber Ibrahim Al-Alawi

Name: Dr. Hisham Ali Akbar Ibrahim AL-Alauy.

Occupation: Iraq’s ambassador to Turkey- Ankara.

Place and Date of Birth: Wassit-Iraq /1964.

Marital Status: Married with three children.

Languages: Arabic – English.

Qualification Attainment:
• Masters degree in Diplomatic Studies.
• Certificate of completion of higher jurisdiction in Internal.
• 2001: Medicine and Diabetes and Endocrinology.
• 1994: Certificate of membership in the British Royal College of Internal Medicine.
• 1988: Bachelor of Medicine and General Surgery.

Position Held:
• 2002-2010: Consultant Physician in Internal Medicine and Diabetes and Endocrinology.
• 2001-2010: Consultant physician in internal medicine at hospitals in Liverpool, Britain.
• 1994-1995: Older resident competence in internal medicine in hospitals in the city of Glasgow education, Britain.
• 1990-1991: Teaching Assistant in the Branch of Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine Baghdad University.
• 1990-1988: Resident role in teaching hospitals in Baghdad.

Kassim Asker Hassan — Iraq’s Ambassador to venezuela – Caracas

Name: Dr. Kassim Asker Hassan.

Occupation: Iraq’s Ambassador to Caracas

Place and Date of Birth: Tuz-Iraq/ 1-1-1957.

Marital Status: Married with four children.

Languages: English, German, Turkish, Serb Croatian.

Qualification Attainment:
• PhD in Engineering.
• Diploma in Economic.

Positions Held:
• Assistant scientist at the University of Aachen-Germany.
• General Director for Tam Tools Ltd. Company in Worselen / Germany.
• From Okt.2009 as Ambassador at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Baghdad-Iraq.

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Khalil Ismieal Abdul Sahib Al-Moussawy —  Iraq’s Ambassador to Tokyo – Japan

Name: Khalil Ismieal Abdul Sahib AL-Moussawy.

Occupation: Iraq’s  Ambassador to Tokyo

Place and Date of Birth: Swayira-Wasit-Iraq/ 03-03-1956.

Marital Status: Married and has three Children.

Languages: Arabic-English.

Qualification Attainment: Msc-PGD Robotics and automation-Britain /September 1990.

Kahtan Taha Khalef  

Name:  Kahtan Taha Khalaf Janabi.

Place and Date of Birth: Baghdad – Iraq/ 01-07-1964.

Marital Status: Married.

Languages: English.

Qualification Attainment:

1991: Bachelor of Medicine and General Surgery – Baghdad.
2001: Master of Community Medicine – Baghdad.

Positions Held:
1991-2006: Doctor.
2006-2009: Advisor of Iraqi Government.
2009:  Ambassador in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Iraq.
2010-2014: Resident Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Sri Lanka.
2011- 2014: Non- Resident Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Maldives.
2015: Resident Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to the Republic of Bulgaria.

E-Mail Address:

Majid Abdul Ridha Hasssan Al-Lagmawi

Name: Majid Abdul Ridha Hassan.

Occupation: Iraq’s ambassador Tunisia

Marital status: Married.

Languages: English.

Qualification Attainment: BSc Electrical Engineering.

Positions Held: Head of department of communication and information technology.

E-Mail Address:

Name: Mouhammed Hakim Abd Ali Al-Rubaie.

Occupation: Iraq’s ambassador to Bucharest

Place and Date of Birth: Babylon – Iraq/ 3-12-1956.

Marital status: Married and has three daughters.

Languages: English.

Qualification Attainment:
Bachelor´s Degree in Business Administration and Accountancy College of administration and economy – Basrah University 1978 – 1979

Positions Held:
• October 2nd 2013: official start of the Mission at the Iraqi Embassy in Bratislava – Slovak republic, after presenting the Letters of Credence to his Excellency, President of the Slovak republic, Mr. Ivan Gašparovič.
• July 10th 2010: Official start of the Mission at the Iraqi Embassy in Dakar – Senegal, after presenting the Letters of Credence to his Excellency, President of the Republic of Senegal.
• 2010 – appointed: As Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Iraq to the Republic of Senegal according to a Ministerial Order No: 4375 on the May 25th 2010.
• October 2009: Ambassador at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iraq.
• 2005 – 2009: Head of Administrative and Finance Department at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iraq.
• 2003 – 2005: Director General of Administrative and Finance Department at the General Secretariat of the Iraqi Cabinet.
• 1988 – 2003: Bank manager – Al Rasheed Bank.

Mouhammed Hussein Mouhammed Bahar Al-Uloom — Iraq’s Ambassdor to Permanent Representation to New York

Name: Mouhammed Hussein Mouhmmed Bahar Al-Uloom.

Occupation: Iraq’s Ambassador toPermanent Representation to New York

Place and Date of Brith: Najaf – Iraq/ 20 -04-1958.

Marital Status: Married and has four Sons.

Languages: English.

Qualification Attainment: Msc Digital systems.

Positions Held:
• 2006-2009: Executive Director – Institute of flags of Higher Studies of Political Science.
• 2004-2005: Adviser to the Transitional National Assembly in Baghdad.
• 2003-2004: Adviser in the Iraqi Governing Council/Iraq.
• 1979-1980: Engineer and the Iraqi News Agency/Baghdad.

E-Mail Address:

Mrs. Safia Talib Al-Suhail

Name: Safia Talib Al-Suhail.

Occupation: Iraq’s Ambassador to Amman – Jordan.

Place and Date of Birth: Iraq/ 29-10-1965.

 Marital Satus: Married and has One Son.

Languages: English.

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

H.E. Safia Taleb Al Souhail

Full Name: Safia Taleb Ali Al Souhail

Date of Birth: 29/10/1965

Marital Status: Married to H.E. Bakhtiar Amin , Former Human Rights Minister.

Children: One son, Miro Taleb born in 2001.

Family and Political Background:

Descended from one of the most prominent and ancient Iraqi families (Al Souhail), second daughter of Sheikh Taleb Al Souhail the Iraqi well-known political figure and chief of Bani Tamim Clan which is one of the most notable and biggest clans of Iraq and Arab-Islamic world. Her father’s assassination in Beirut in 1994 was politically motivated.

Safia is a liberal, democratic, independent politician. Have worked to secure that the Iraqi constitution would include – particularly in the bill of rights and freedoms – articles on human rights, fundamental freedoms, women’s rights and political participation.


  • BA in Public Management and Political Science, University of Jordan, Amman – Jordan, 1989.


  • Advanced courses on international relations “International diplomatic law and international humanitarian law”, and international organizations and media.
  • Several courses on political empowerment, qualification and development especially on legislative work and leadership;
  • Have certificates of advanced courses on international relations, international organizations, and international humanitarian law from specialized international institutes and organizations.

Positions Held and Work Experience:

  • ·        2016-2019 Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  • ·        2017-2019 Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Palestine (Non-resident Ambassador)
  • ·        2014-2016 Ambassador at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Head of the Department of Europe in the headquarters in Baghdad).
  • ·        2005-2014 Member of Iraq’s Council of Representatives twice elected (2005-2010, 2010-2014) as an independent political figure representing Baghdad. Managed to get a seat outside the women’s quota system.

           Leading member of the Foreign Affairs Committee at the Council of                     Representatives.

          Chairperson of the Iraqi Parliamentary Friendship Committee with the European Union.

  • ·        2004  Extraordinary Ambassador, the first women to be appointed as an Ambassador in the history of the Iraqi state.
  • Before 2003 : Chief Executive Manager of the Unit of Middle East & Islamic World in the International Alliance for Justice, an international organization based in Paris and involves a network of 275 international non-governmental organizations from more than 120 countries.


  • Have met with many heads of states, high ranking officials and dignitaries in the Middle East and Internationally before and after 2003.
  • Have participated in many regional and international conferences including at the United Nations in New York and Geneva, American Congress, European Union, European commission and European Parliament in Brussels, Arab League, and Inter-parliamentary Union.
  • Have participated in conferences, workshops, and seminars with reputable international research centers of strategic and security affairs.
  • Member of the Follow up & Coordination Committee of Iraqi political leadership composed of 65 members established in 2001 as a result of London Conference for Iraqi political forces.
  • Member of many leading political committees formed in Iraq including the preparatory committee of the first conference for the establishment of the National Assembly of Political Forces held in 2004 under the supervision of the United Nations composed of 25 political figures headed by Dr. Fouad Massoum.

Member of the Iraqi Tribes and Clans Committee & member of the Civil Society Committee.

  • Have taken part in conferences on national reconciliation inside Iraq and abroad and chaired the Committee of National Balance and Expansion of Political Participation.
  • Sponsor of “Safia al Suhail Cultural Council”, which was established in April 2009. Organizing sessions on diverse cultural, literary and other topics pertinent to the Iraqi political process and institutional building debated in the Iraqi society. This Cultural Salon was considered by many as “lungs of Baghdad” in the mid of violence, where diverse people were meeting to debate.
  • Member of the Baghdadi Councils’ Society.
  • Have participated in many campaigns of solidarity, peace and conflict prevention and resolution nationally, regionally and internationally .
  • Actively defending the rights of individuals with special needs and an honorary leading member of the Iraqi Disable’s Forum;
  • Have supported humanitarian, cultural, legal, civil liberty and women rights civil society organizations.
  • Have worked to establish ties of communication between the civil society, Iraqi Parliament and government and building bridges between the Iraqi CSOs and international organizations and institutions with the aim of creating opportunies and prospects for mutual cooperation.
  • Have contributed to the introduction and promotion of Iraqi heritage, art and culture. 
  • Contributed and participated in hosting various dialogue programs, sessions and activities including with UNDP & UN Women to support adoption of national strategic action plans to empower youth, women and girls also in particular in support of role of women in building peace and the UN resolution 1325.
  • Contributed and participated in adopting the rights of Iraqi society components, minorities, the quest of refugees and internally displaced people and organized and participated several activities for inter cultural and inter religious dialogue.
  • Organized events and conferences to raise awareness in combatting human trafficking and working for issuing legislations in this regard and supporting decisions and laws for it.
  • Organized several economic conferences and seminars to encourage and promote investment in Iraq and to create mechanisms for cooperation and partnership between public and private sectors
  • Honored and appreciated by several international and national institutions. Awarded by Italian “Minerva Prize” in 2011 for her distinguished work in support of political participation of women and her humanitarian, legal and cultural efforts .

Salih Hussein Ali Al-Timmimi —> Foreign Ministry Undersecretary /Dean of the Foreign Service Institute

Name: Dr. Salih Hussein Ali Al-Timmimi.

Occupation: Dean of the Foreign Service Institute

Place and Date of Birth: Baghdad-Iraq/ 19-01-1967.

Marital Status: Married and has Three Children.

Languages: English.

Qualification Attainment:
• Ph.D. in Computer Engineering and information Technology.
• MSc. In Control &Computer Engineering.
• B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Positions Held:
• Head of information Technology Branch.
• Head of Computer Network Local Academy University of Technology.
E-Mail Address:

Saywan Sabir Mustafa Barazani — Iraq’s Ambassador in Lisbon

Name: Saywan Sabir Mustafa Barzani.

Occupation: Head of Europe Department

Place and Date of Birth: Erbil – Iraq / 13- 02- 1972.

Marital Status: Married and has Two Children.

Languages: French, English, Persian, Kurdish.

Qualification Attainment:
•  2006: PhD in Political Science.
•  2001-2002:  Master in political Science.
•  1999-2001:  Bachelor in Political Science.
•  1998:  License Degree A in Political Science.
•  1995-1997:  University Degree in Law.

Positions Held: Kurdistan Regional Government Representative in France.

E-Mail Address:

Shorsh Khalid Said — Iraq’s Ambassador to Athens – Greece

Name: Shorsh Khalid Said Ghafouri.

Occupation: Iraq’s Ambassador to Athens.

Place and Date of Birth: Erbil – Iraq / 4-06 -1965.

Marital status: Married and has Two Children.

Languages: Russian – English.

Qualification Attainment:
• 1988/1993:  MA in topographic surveying/ the afore-mentioned university.
• 1987: Studied the Russian language at the University of Gorny in Moscow.

Positions Held:
• 2000-2006: Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to Russia.
• 1997-2007: Chief PUK representatives in Russia.
• 1994-1997: Deputy PUK Representative in Damascus-Syrian.

Mr. Wadee Batti Henna — Iraq Ambassador in Ottawa

Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq

H.E. Dr. Wadee B. H. Al-Batti

Name and Surname

Place and date of birth


Marital Status


Wadee Batti Hanna Al-Batti

Mosul, Iraq 05/04/1961





Doctorate and Master`s Degree in Nuclear Physics from the University of Minsk, Belarus (1992)


Since Jan – 2018  Head of the department of Human Rights in MOFA.

Dec. 2015- Jan. 2018

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Iraq to the Republic of Korea

May. 2013-Nov.2015

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Iraq to the Kingdom of Spain

Jun. 2010-Apr.2013

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Iraq to the Republic of the Philippines

Oct. 2009-Jun.2010

Ambassador in the ministry of Foreign Affairs, Baghdad, Iraq.


lived in Sweden after receiving residence, Studied Swedish and worked for a time with Volvo for construction Equipment company.


Lecturer in the College of Science, Al-Anbar University, Iraq


Studied PH.D in the University of Minsk, Belarus


Mandatory Military Service


Student in the University of Mosul, Iraq


English, Russian, Swedish, Arabic and Syriac

Scientific Research Papers and Published Articles

◇ Many papers in nuclear physics published in several journals and conferences

◇ Hundreds of articles in Arabic and Swedish regarding politics, nuclear weapons, environment and minorities issue in Iraq published in several newspapers and websites on the Internet


◇ The Order of Sikatuna from the President of Philippines, April 2013

◇ Award of (Proud Ambassador)

   Korean National Assembly with (NDN News), Seoul, Korea, September 2017

◇ Korean Peace Award for 2017, National Assembly Peace Awards Committee and Federation of World Peace & Love, National Assembly Seoul, Korea, December 2017


◇ Attendance of the 37th session of the Human Rights council in Geneva,   Switzerland feb 2018.

◇ Head of the Iraqi delegation to the conference on the advance of Religious  Freedom in Washington D.C.U.S.A july 2018.

◇ Attendance of the 39th session of the human rights counsil in Genneva Switzarland September 2018.

E-Mail Address:

E-Mail Address:

Biography of H.E. Dr. Abdul-Karim Hashim Mostafa

Dr. Abdul-Karim Hashim Mostafa is the Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations and other international organizations in Geneva since February 2021.

Prior to his appointment in Geneva, Dr. Hashim Mostafa had been serving as Senior Undersecretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iraq since October 2019.

He served as Advisor to the Prime Minister of Iraq for diplomatic and international affairs during the period November 2018 – October 2019.

April 2017 to November 2018, he was Ambassador of IRAQ to the Kingdom of Morocco.

July 2010 to September 2016, he was Ambassador of IRAQ to the People’s Republic of China.

July 2007 to July 2010, he was Undersecretary in charge of Administrative and Financial Affairs at the ministry of Foreign Affairs.

December 2004 to July 2007, he was Ambassador of IRAQ to the Russian Federation.

Dr. Hashim Mostafa has a Diploma (DEA) in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Grenoble, France (1981-1984) and a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the same University (1984-1987).

Born on 6 March 1959, he is married and has three daughters. In addition to Arabic, he speaks French, English and Farsi.