Iraq and War on Terrorism

Iraq’s Diplomacy in Countering Terrorism and Combating its Funding

Countering Terrorism Division in the Foreign Ministry

1- The main role in defeating Da’esh terrorist gangs came with the willingness and sacrifices of the Iraqi people and the security, military forces and the strength and solidarity of the Iraqi society in facing these terrorist gangs.

2- Iraq has sought through its diplomatic effort, to play a pivotal role in fighting Da’esh terrorist gangs; the Iraqi government has encouraged the international community to form a global coalition to combat terrorist organizations, and increase security cooperation and coordination to support, arm and train Iraqi forces, considering Iraq was at the forefront of countries facing terrorism.

3- The department participates in developing a national strategy to combat violent extremism, and a national strategy to combat terrorism and it’s funding and draining its sources, benefiting from the local expertise it has gained in facing these organizations, this strategy includes important features on all diplomatic, security, social, psychological and economic levels.

4- Including a fixed item on bilateral international cooperation in the agenda of the bilateral committees in the fight against terrorism.

5-Including a fixed article on the treatment of wounded Iraqi security forces on the agenda of the bilateral committees.

6- Full coordination in the implementation of the early phases of the 16 United Nations funded projects on supporting Iraq’s post-Da’esh efforts aiming at strengthening Iraq’s ability to meet security challenges and address the results of terrorism.

7- High level coordination with United Nations entities in implementing international projects dealing with countering terrorism, such as (UNODC),(UNAMI) and the (Executive Directorate for Counter-Terrorism), for supporting the satiability in the librated areas in Iraq.

8-The coordination and hosting a meeting of the group to support the restoration of stability in the liberated areas in Baghdad, which is one of the global coalitions for fighting Da’esh

9- Continuous monitoring of foreign terrorist file.

10- Stating technical opinion in several memorandums of understanding    between Iraqi institutions and their counterparts in other countries.

11- The division held several technical workshops with the participation of the United Nations, the European Union and all relevant ministries on the implementation of various projects in Iraq.

12-Following-up the political reports received from our embassies for analysis and technical opinion.

13-Participating in meetings and workshops specialized in combating terrorism and representing the ministry in the concerned committees.

14-Coordination and supervision of all visits of the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations and the Executive Director of the Counter-Terrorism Bureau to Iraq.

15-Following-up of the implementation of Security Council resolution 2379 of 2017 on the collection, reserving and saving of evidence for Da’esh crimes in Iraq.

16- Following-up the implementation of the Security Council resolutions on freezing funds of terrorist within the sanctions committee on Da’esh and Al-Qaeda.

17- Iraq considers the need to find an international system that monitors the implementation of the Security Council resolutions related to the fight against terrorism, combating its financing and the seriousness of countries in implementing the international obligations included in Security Council resolutions.