Internal Courses

The training section under Foreign Service Institute FSI organizes training courses and workshops inside Iraq according to the following:

– Holding training courses on (the art of negotiation) and (etiquette and protocol) for the employees of the three presidential institutes, other governmental and nongovernmental institutes and the professional associations. One of the Foreign Ministry’s employees is assigned the task of delivering lectures for the employees of the aforementioned institutes to promote their cognitive capacities.

– Training courses and workshops are held in various topics such as: career ethics, elements of anti-corruption, dissemination of awareness culture with respect to integrity and transparency as well as the latest developments in regional and international policies. This is carried out in coordination with the governmental and nongovernmental institutes such as:  and AL-Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies, Iraqi Academy for Combating Corruption under the Federal Commission of Integrity, Bayt AL-Hikma and others.