The Undersecretary for Political Planning Meets with Manager of Serbian Diplomatic Academy.

His Excellency, Dr. Salih Hussain Ali Al-Tamimi, the undersecretary for political planning and the Acting Dean of Foreign Service Institute FSI, met with Mrs. Marjana Milosavic, the manager of the Serbian Diplomatic Academy in a virtual meeting via a closed online video call at FSI’s building on Wednesday February 3rd 2021.

H.E. referred to the memorandum of understanding MOU signed between FSI under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Iraq and the Serbian Diplomatic Academy in 2014, praising its articles that contribute to the development of cooperation between the two sides and stressing the need to activate it, as it opens up the horizons of mutual cooperation between the two countries to train the employees of the diplomatic field and university academics in both countries.

For her part, the manager of the Serbian Diplomatic Academy stressed the necessity of continuing this cooperation through the activation of the MOU between the two parties.

The virtual meeting was also attended by counselor Haider Rashid Swadi the Charge d’ Affairs of the Iraqi Embassy in Belgrade, the first secretary Wasan Abdul Ameer Kareem  head of the translation section and the second secretary, Faisal Abd Al-Ilah Al-Farhoud the head of the training section.