(Metro Baghdad)

Announcement of an International Investment Opportunity No. (3) of 2024

(Metro Baghdad)


According to the Investment Law No. (13) of 2006, amended, relevant regulations and instructions, and Council of Minister’s Decision No. (23374) of 2023.

The National Investment Commission announce the availability of an international investment opportunity to design, build, operate, maintain, finance, and transfer ownership (DBOMFT) of Baghdad metro project according to the specific criteria described in the investment portfolio.

Investment companies and international investors interested in this opportunity should apply at the National Investment Commission’s headquarter located in Baghdad/Green Zone/nearby the Turkish Embassy for the purpose of purchasing the investment portfolio for an amount of (100,000,000) One-Hundred Million Iraqi dinars.

In case you have any inquiries, please contact us on the phone number (+9647722333068) or e-mail ([email protected]).

 General terms and conditions:

  • Purchasing the investment portfolio should be within (30) days, starting from (Monday 12th, February 2024) and deadline is on (Tuesday 12th, March 2024) at (12:00 p.m.)
  • Submission of investment bids should be within a period of (30) days, starting from the closing date for purchasing the investment portfolio, and the deadline for receiving Investment bids is on (Thursday 11th, April 2024), Noting that the feasibility study should be submitted in Arabic and English.
  • Bids submitted to the National Investment Commission will be subject to evaluation by the government’s specialized consultant for all works including design, implementation, and supervision of operation and maintenance.
  • The Qualification process of the applied bids for the investment opportunity shall focus on the experience of companies specialized exclusively in the field of trains as its main criteria.
  • One of the criteria for differentiation between the investment companies applying for this opportunity is the privileges provided by these companies to the government.
  • The proposed number tracks of Baghdad Metro are seven tracks (as shown in the project description attached herewith)
  • Investment companies are to provide an economic feasibility study, project details, a funding plan, a timetable for the Baghdad Metro project completion, previous similar projects executed by the investor or the investor’s partners (inside or outside Iraq).
  • The investor takes into consideration the previous studies of the transportation projects of Baghdad Metro and shall bear the costs resulting from any obstacles, transfer and treatment of services during the implementation, and in case there is any interference
  • with private or public assets (real estates) along the proposed routes, the investor shall bear the costs of these interferences.