Humanitarian Call

Htrmanitarian call
The lraqi Ministries of Foreign Aftbirs and Defbnce call rlpon all
Iraqi citizens or anyone who can provide inforrnation to the tbllowing
bodies: l) the headqr-rarters of the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Afl’airs in
Baghdad; 2) the Iraqi enibassies and consulates accredited abroad; and 3)
the h-rternatior”ral Cornmittee of the Red Cross in Baghdad. The
infomation relates to the det’ault br-rrial sites fbr Iraqis’ reurains or
Kuwaitis rnissing during the second Curlf war. Also, any data pertair-rs to
the location of properties represerrted by records and the l(uwaiti Amiri
archive. In accordance with the hurnanitarian requirements and an
expression of lraq’s keenness to make the utmost cooperation based on
the foundations of brotherhood and good faith. This corresponds to Iraq’s
international comrlitrnent in this regard.
Translation done by Dr. Fadhel A Shalal
Embassy of Iraq in Algeria / Tel: +21323485485 Fax:+21323485481