Coordinating Efforts between Foreign Ministry and Iraqi Council of Representatives



In the framework of the Foreign Ministry's agenda to coordinate efforts with the legislative authority, Foreign Minister Mohamed A. Alhakim met with the Speaker of the Council of Representatives, Mr. Mohamed Al-Halboussi and discussed the latest political developments in Iraq and the efforts of the Foreign Ministry to implement Iraqi foreign policy that reflects the complete Iraqi policy towards regional and international issues. 

In a related context, Mr. Al-Halabousi stressed the great confidence of the Council of Representative in the Ministry and its commitment to the Iraqi approach, which will lead to strengthening the status of Iraq internationally.

In conclusion, both Mr. Al-Halabousi and Mr. Alhakim stressed the agreement and conformity in the visions towards achieving the aspirations of the Iraqi people on the issues of the Arab and Islamic nation, especially the Palestinian issue and the stance on the brute Zionist entity and the importance of Iraq's continued support for the rights of the Palestinian people to establish an independent state with Alquds as its capital.

07:24  Baghdad