Iraq and the Future of Foreign Relations




During the meeting between Foreign Minister Mohamed A. Alhakim and the head of the Coalition for Reform and Reconstruction, Mr. Ammar Al- Hakim, the two discussed the most important developments on the internal political arena, especially the efforts of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry and Minister Alhakim to support the Iraqi passport’s global ranking in addition to expanding the horizons of diplomatic cooperation with friendly countries and allies of Iraq in various fields

They  also stressed the Iraqi visions and directions towards international issues and the consistent Iraqi foreign policy towards the issues of the region and the world, where Iraq's position on the Palestinian issue and the conflict with the Zionist entity occupier was stressed and will remain present in the conscience of Iraq and its people.

It was also stressed that Iraq now enjoys great importance among countries because of its victories on terrorism and the desire to invest in it, especially after achieving political stability and security, which opens a wider door to the economic development movement in the country.

07:24  Baghdad