Speech of Foreign Minister at the Forum of Ancient Civilizations held on Margins of the 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.


I would like to thank you for this opportunity, because we listen to the diverse and colorful conversations. I had hoped to end the agreement on a cultural participant, because wars are based on a culture of war. Peace attempts are based on a culture of peace. The war begins easily when there are evil wills, and the war begins. The first and second World Wars, and the third almost began for simple, quick reasons when Johnson, the President of the United States of America: Thus the Third World War almost began with strike a ship, and the Second World War began with striking Pearl Harbor, as well as the First World War, which started by striking a ship.

In the old wars, the warring countries lived in isolation from each other. Today, however, they are completely different.  If the fuse of war in a region ignites, it will soon spread and inflame other regions. The British people have a culture of war. They have gone through several wars, When Hitler took Czechoslovakia the British Parliament was shaken and the British Prime Minister went to Berlin and met Hitler. Hitler swore that this was the first and last state. He rejoiced in the British Parliament and told them that Hitler would not hit them. Hitler invented something false. He sent a group of German soldiers wearing Polish military uniforms and clothes and killed them on the border. He claimed that these were infiltrators. The war gave rise from one country to another.

We do not believe that we are safe from war. The cycle of war can widen further, at any time.

What is the definition of World War III?


There is no continent in the world where there is no war. Many countries complain and suffer; therefore World War III is now a reality in all regions of the world. Yes, atomic weapons are not used, as used in 1945 in Hiroshima and Nagasaki; It has a greater destructive capacity, and in a number of countries. If the world's atomic war ignites, God forbid, it will not leave anything and nothing will exist. We must act with the principle of expanding the circle of participation in times of war. In World War II Stalin was the far left with Wilson , Churchill was the far right with Roosevelt, and they united together to save the world from the dangers of Mussolini in Italy and Hitler in Germany.

We must work day and night to defuse tensions in the Middle East and prevent all wars, because they have transformed the Middle East from one of the richest in the world to the worlds poorest.


Once again we return to Europe. Europe was shattered, broken by constant wars, multiple nationalities, multiple religions, and spaced areas.

What did Europe do?

First, common security (NATO) . At this time this new security term is made.

Second: Common Economy (European Common Market)

This is the secret.

Thank you so much.

10:50  Baghdad