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Full Name: Dr. Ibrahim Abdul-Kareem Hamza Al-Eshaiker Al-Jaafari 

Occupation: Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chairman of the Iraqi National Alliance

Place and Date of birth: Karbala, 1947

Higher Education: Bachelor of Medicine, from University of Mosul

Marital Status: Married & has five children


1966: Joined the Islamic Dawa Party, in the same year, he got the highest degrees in high school in Karbala province that qualified him to enter University of Mosul, College of Medicine.

1972: Graduated from college of Medicine.

1980: Elected as a member of the Islamic Dawa Party, in the same year, he left Iraq heading to Syria, due to the repression of the defunct Baath Party, and then he moved to Iran until 1990.

1982: Participated in founding the Islamic Supreme Council. He was the Chairman of the Executive Office and the Executive Committee of the Council.

1990: Moved to London until 2003 in which he returned to Iraq after the former regime was ousted.

1991: Participated in the formation and leadership of (the Joint Action Committee of the Iraqi opposition).

1992: participated in the formation and leadership of the (Iraqi National Congress).

1996: Elected as the Spokesman of the Islamic Dawa party.

2002: Called to form the (Coalition of the Iraqi National Powers) in which 17 opposition blocs joined; along with 33 Iraqi oppositional prominent figures representing the (General Body).

2003: The first President in the Governing Council, during his term, he established a 25 member committee to write the draft of the new constitution of Iraq. He visited 7 Arab countries in seven days to set up the political relationships of the new Iraq and delivered a remarkable speech at the Arab League in Cairo. Dr. Al-Jaafari also formed the first Iraqi government in the post-Saddam era. 

2004: Vice-President of the Republic of Iraq, in which he effectively contributed to enhance the compatibility and streamlined flow of official work between the Presidency and the Cabinet. The post paved the way for him to promote the regional and Arab relationship In particular.

2005: The First elected Prime Minister of Iraq, following the general election held on 30 January, 2005 in which most of the Iraqis went to polls. During his premier of the Transitional government, he managed to accomplish significant achievements in seven months only and laid down foundations for vast range of development projects to overcome the heavy legacy of the previous regime and rebuilt the devastated infrastructure. He had prepared the necessary requirements for the preparation and approval of the permanent Constitution of Iraq and the successful of the Iraqi Parliament (House of Representatives) in highly secured measures, as well as, his great sponsorship to the journalists, poets, artists, writers and athletes. He also laid the foundations of the rule of law and contributed to the consolidation of the foundations of the new Iraqi government.

2006: Member of the House of Representatives for two terms from 2006 until 2010 and from 2010 until 2014.

2008: On 31 May, 2008, he launched a new political party (The National Reform Trend) which participated in the first provincial elections on 2009.


2010: Elected as the president of the Iraqi National Alliance, the largest parliamentary bloc, Dr. Al Jaafari played a pivotal role in the convergence of politicians' views, solving political outstanding differences and consequently forming the Iraqi government.

2014: Minister of Foreign Affairs, incumbent, in the government of Dr. Haider Al Abadi.

Books and researches:

- He has published several books, studies and researches including: (The Speech of the State), (The Upper Hand Experience), (Women…Battle of Identity), (Art: Pulse of Life), (Youth between Tradition and Modernity), (Students: the Makers of Life)

- Several books were written about him, among them: (In Danger Zone), (Iraqi Labor), (For a Better Tomorrow), (A High-Profile Message).

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